Honours & Awards

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Lieutenant Colonel A.L. MORRISON, MBE: Commanding Officer 9 RAR – Citation>>


Major E.A. CHITHAM: Officer Commanding, B. Company – Citation>>
Lieutenant P.J. COSGROVE: Officer Commanding, 5 Platoon B Company – Citation>>


Private D.J. CROMB: Rifleman, 10 Platoon D Company – Citation>>
Corporal C. HAMMOND: Section Commander, 1 Platoon A Company – Citation>>
Lance Corporal A.G.S. OCHILTREE: Section Commander, 8 Platoon C Company – Citation>> 
Corporal A.P.P. RAE: Medical Assistant, A Company – Citation>>
Private G.D. SALMON: Machine Gunner, 2 Sect 7 Platoon C Company – Citation>> 
Corporal P. SNELL: Medical Assistant, A Company – Citation>>
Lance Corporal T.R. WHITTON: Section Commander, 12 Platoon D Company – Citation>>


Private B.C. ARTHUR: Stretcher Bearer, 1 Platoon A Company – Citation>>
Private R.A BOURNE: Gunner, Anti-Tank Platoon Support Company – Citation>>
Sergeant T.H. CROSS: Platoon Sergeant, 5 Platoon B Company – Citation>>
Second Lieutenant I. JONES: Officer Commanding, 3 Platoon A Company – Citation>>
Major L.J. LEWIS: Officer Commanding, C Company – Citation>>
Major W. McDONALD: Officer Commanding, A Company – Citation>>
Corporal M.A.G. ROSE: Section Commander, 2 Platoon A Company – Citation>>
Major J.A. SHELDRICK: Operations Officer/Officer Commanding, Supt Company – Citation>>
Major W.L.H. SMITH: Officer Commanding, A Company – Citation>>
Major J.McI. STEWART: Officer Commanding, A Company – Citation>>
Sergeant J.S. VAUTIN: Platoon Sergeant, 1 Platoon A Company – Citation>>

Battle Honour: Hat Dich

The operation was mounted to locate and destroy enemy in the Hat Dich area, particularly the 274 VC Regt, which was threatening major installations to the west. The Hat Dich covered the area in the north west of Phuoc Tuy where the borders of Phuoc Tuy, Long Khanh and Bien Hoa Provinces meet. The battles of Op Goodwood were fought in the Long Thanh district of Bien Hoa Province. The operation was characterised by a series of engagement of the enemy from squad to company level in bunker systems. Whilst trying to avoid contact. the enemy fought fiercely when his bases were threatened. The destruction of enemy bases, his extensive casualties and loss of equipment forced him to modify his objective for the planned TET Offensive in Feb 1969.
(from 3rd Cavalry Regiment Vietnam Association)

Three battalions of the Regiment fought in this Battle, 1 RAR, 4 RAR, and 9 RAR. On this operation 245 enemy were killed for the loss of 21 men from the Australian Task Force.
9 RAR fought in this battle from the 1 January to the 17 February 1969.  The task of the Battalion was, essentially, patrolling against an enemy operating from well prepared and concealed bunkers.  Contact with the enemy was at very close range, contact varied from a few minutes to many hours.