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9th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment
Adelaide Reunion 2017

Celebrating 50 years since formation
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John Schumann to entertain the troops

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Dinner sells out

Bookings for the Reunion Dinner on Monday 13th November 2017 are closed.  Members wishing to attend will have to join a waiting list to see if anyone who has booked has to cancel.


Reunion Raffle

Here is the moment you have been waiting for; details of the reunion raffle otherwise known as “How to cut my reunion dinner cost in half”.
The purpose of this raffle is to raise $25,000 to offset costs associated with the reunion dinner (budgeted to cost $82,500) which will have the impact of reducing the cost per person from $150 to $75 (subject, to a lesser degree, on successful grant applications and other fund raising activities).
In simple terms we are looking to sell 5,000 tickets at $5 each to raise $25,000 which will net $20,000 after deducting the 1st prize of $5,000 (which is covered by a generous donation already pledged).
Looks daunting?  In essence we need 250 people to sell 20 tickets @ $5 each ($100 per person) to achieve our goal.
To put this into perspective we have 550 members booked and paid to attend the dinner, however many of these are spouses, partners or family.  The number of family units attending is 320 of whom 280 have an active email address.  If only 90% of these people sell 20 tickets the job’s done.
As you would appreciate it would be next to impossible to organise a raffle such as this, with people spread around Australia, if it were not for emails.
By email you will be invited to purchase at least one (1) block of twenty (20) tickets for $100.  You then have several options:

a) keep one (1) ticket and sell nineteen (19) others to your mates / friends at the golf club, bowling club, surf club, RSL club, Probus or any other organisation you belong to, or to your neighbours, family, anybody.  This way you will recoup 95% of your layout and have one chance in the draw.
b) sell all the tickets and recoup all of your layout.
c) Keep all the tickets and have 20 chances in the draw.

It’s all up to you!
All you need to do is send an email telling me how many “blocks” of 20 tickets you want at $100 per “block”.  You can even (in the early stages) tell me which “block” you want eg starting with 1, 21, 41, 61 etc.  Pay for your tickets by EFT, cheque, M/O etc.
When I have received your payment you will be sent an email with the tickets.  These will take the form of an A4 sheet representing the “butts” of the ticket where you record the name and phone number of the purchaser.  You will be identified as the seller on the “butts”.  A second A4 sheet will be the tickets which you cut off and hand to the purchaser.  When you have sold the tickets, scan the “butts” and email the scan to me or put them in an envelope and post them (after taking a copy for yourself).
Click on the  links below to view a flyer promoting the raffle, the rules for conducting a “Minor Raffle” and examples of the “butts” and the ticket pages.
Hopefully this is all pretty straight forward, however if anyone from Intelligence Corps is having difficulty understanding the concept give me a call on 0403 996 093 and I will walk you through it.
It is all pretty simple.  Buy $100 worth of tickets, flog them off to get all or part of your money back.  Send me the details of who you sold the tickets to, we draw the winner on the night of the dinner and pay them $5,000.
Please form an orderly queue and place your orders by email now.

As at 20 June 2017 the situation with bookings for the reunion dinner stands as follows.

551 have paid

  38 are yet to pay

589 have said yes and in 551 cases paid

  42 have said maybe

631 have indicated one way or the other they are / maybe coming

500 can be seated in the ballroom with the dance floor included

550 can be seated in the ballroom without the dance floor and a rejig of some tables

With 551 having paid to date we have exceeded the 500 “comfortable” limit.

If the 38 who have said yes and are yet to pay, do pay then we will exceed the ballroom maximum of 550 by 38, in other words 35 people will miss out.

The break down of attendees by function is:-

109 3 A 79 106 77 19 49
118 4 B 88 114 89 16 67
107 9 C 88 98 84 17 58
86 2 D 53 84 64 12 34
89 12 SP 46 77 62 10 35
25 2 HQ / ADMIN 13 23 18 4 7
39   NOK 12 39 17 1 11
10   INDUCTED   10 6 2  
6 6 UNKNOWN          
589 38   379 551 417 81 261

Currently all who have booked and paid are guaranteed a seat in the ballroom.

Reunion Programme                      Hilton Accommodation               Other Accommodation

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