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9th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment
Adelaide Reunion 2017

Celebrating 50 years since formation
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John Schumann to entertain the troops

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On Thursday 6th April I met with the Hilton Hotel staff to discuss and view the proposed changes to the layout of the ballroom and the balcony room which is proposed for any “overflow”.

The outcome of the meeting is that to stretch the numbers to 572 is to overload the room such that movement between the tables, not only by our members, but the staff is overly “tight” and not viable.

Therefore the maximum number that will be seated in the ballroom is 550 (22 less than previously expected).

Although considered as an overflow option, cost and logistic problems have excluded the Balcony Room.  The dinner will be held entirely in the ballroom with a seating limit of 550

Without being labeled a “broken record” or “crying wolf” one to many times I simply point out that if you are one of the 57 who have said yes and are yet to pay or you are one of the 49 who have said maybe and are yet to book and pay I point out that there are only 33 seats left in the ballroom.

Members paying after the quota is filled will not have seat at the dinner.

Check the list of bookings by accessing the “Click here” link above.  If the columns are blank after your name, you have not booked and or paid.  If you think this is incorrect get on to me straight away so I can follow up.

If you have a mate not on the list that you are expecting to sit with you, I suggest you hurry him up otherwise you will not be sitting with him.

It distresses me that we are facing this dilemma, however the numbers indicating they are or maybe coming have simply overwhelmed us and have the possibility of taking us over the extended capacity of the Hilton’s ballroom

As at 22 April 2017 the situation with bookings for the reunion stands as follows.

522 have paid

  56 are yet to pay

578 have said yes and in 522 cases paid

  48 have said maybe

626 have indicated one way or the other they are / maybe coming

500 can be seated in the ballroom with the dance floor included

550 can be seated in the ballroom without the dance floor and a rejig of some tables

With 522 having paid to date we have exceeded the 500 “comfortable” limit.

If the 56 who have said yes and are yet to pay, do pay then we will exceed the ballroom maximum of 550 by 28, in other words 28 people will miss out.

The break down of attendees by function is:-

109 7 A 68 102 71 21 46
113 7 B 81 106 84 14 66
106 12 C 72 94 71 14 50
84 7 D 46 77 57 8 33
86 11 SP 39 75 53 8 32
26 4 HQ / ADMIN 10 22 14 2 7
0 NOK 13 40 18 1 9
8 2 INDUCTED 6 2
578 56 329 522 370 68 243

Currently all who have booked and paid are guaranteed a seat in the ballroom.

At this stage another 28 people can pay and be guaranteed one of the 550 available seats.

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