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9th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment
Adelaide Reunion 2017

Celebrating 50 years since formation
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The Adelaide Reunion of the Battalion will be held from Saturday 11th November 2017 until Thursday 16th November 2017 with the formal activities being held on Monday to Wednesday.

The programme of events is attached and has been planned to have the Reunion Dinner on the date of the formation of the Battalion being the 13th November, in this case a Monday.

The format of the reunion differs from previous reunions to accommodate revisiting the birth place of the Battalion, Keswick Barracks, and to utilise a venue, Lake Breeze Winery, which will allow mixing and mingling in a delightful atmosphere where there will be the ability to be fed, watered and entertained as a unit.

It is our hope that as many of our members as is possible will attend what will be the last major reunion in our birthplace and possibly the last major reunion of the Battalion.  We have therefore focused on making the reunion programme as affordable as possible to encourage you all to attend.  Please rest assured that the quality will not be sacrificed to achieve this objective.

Apart from fund raising initiatives which are being developed we have, successfully, and will apply for grant funding to offset costs associated with the reunion.

A significant fund raising initiative is a major raffle where we expect to raise 50% of the anticipated cost of the Reunion Dinner thus significantly reducing the cost to each person attending.

The cost of the Dinner (which includes a 5 hours beverage package) is $150 per person.  A deposit of $50 per person is payable when booking. If our fund raising is successful this will be your total cost for the Dinner, otherwise you will be required to pay the shortfall up to a further $100 per person, a good reason to support the fund-raising.

The only other cost payable up front is $15 per person if you wish to travel by coach to Lake Breeze Winery.

The “picnic” at Lake Breeze will be a PAYG (pay as you go) activity wherein you can buy your choice of drinks (wine, beer and soft-drinks) and food from vendors who will be set up at the winery or from the winery restaurant.  In other words you choose what you want and what you want to spend.

More details will follow.

Reunion Programme                      Hilton Accommodation               Other Accommodation

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