In Memoriam


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Abraham – D Company Gaffney – C Company Nagle – B Company
Adamczyk – D Company George – A Company Phillips – A Company
Archer – D Company Graham – B Company Plane – D Company
Binder – D Company Holloway – A Company Prior – A Company
Bink – Support Company Kermode – C Company Reidy – B Company
Black – A Company Key – A Company Rennie – A Company
Brennan – Support Company Locke – B Company Scales – B Company
Chant – C Company McConachy – D Company Smith – B Company
Cock – A Company McPherson – B Company Sorrensen – B Company
Convery – B Company Meredith – A Company Sykes – A Company
Duroux – B Company Moore – A Company Yule – B Company
Edwards – D Company Musicka – Support Company  

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  Operation King Hit Two

12/12/1968 – 24/12/1968

Ronald Gaffney


7/2/1947 – 16/12/1968

Mudgee Cemetery,
Mudgee NSW

Operation Goodwood

1/1/1969 – 17/2/1969

Jeffrey Max Duroux


17/7/1940 – 5/1/1969

Derrick Gardens,
Centennial Park, Adelaide SA

George Nagel


18/1/1945 – 6/1/1969

Garden of Remembrance,
Melbourne Vic

Allan Walter Graham


12/2/1946 – 7/1/1969

Stirling Cemetery,
Stirling North SA

Thomas Meredith


12/12/1946 – 10/1/1969

Rookwood Cemetery,
Sydney NSW

Reginald Arthur Phillips


17/4/1947 – 18/1/1969

RSL Lawn Section,
Murray Bridge SA

John Raymond Cock


8/2/1939 – 19/1/1969

Derrick Gardens,
Centennial Park, Adelaide SA

Robert Key


5/9/1947 – 19/1/1969

Springvale Crematorium,
Springvale Vic

Harold Robert Musicka
Corporal3/4/1945 – 19/1/1969RSL Wall,
Centennial Park, Adelaide SA
Peter Smith


20/1/1945 – 19/1/1969

Rookwood Cemetery,
Sydney NSW

Arnold Sykes


8/4/1943 – 19/1/1969

Bunbury Cemetery,
Bunbury WA

Bruce James Plane


31/10/1947 – 20/1/1969

Ardrossan Cemetery

Ardrossan SA

  Gary Archer


22/12/1946 – 4/2/1969

Terendak Cemetery

  Malcolm McConachy

Lance Corporal

4/8/1947 – 8/2/1969

Townsville Cemetery,
Townsville Qld

Peter Chant

Lance Corporal

6/11/1939 – 14/2/1969

RSL Wall,
Centennial Park, Adelaide SA

Operation Federal

17/2/1969 – 2/4/1969

Grantley James Scales


29/10/1946 – 5/3/1969

Derrick Gardens,
Centennial Park, Adelaide SA

Operation Overland

2/4/1969 – 10/4/1969

Barry George


26/8/1947 – 7/4/1969

Rylstone Cemetery,
Rylstone NSW

Trevor Black


20/9/1947 – 8/4/1969

Bowen Cemetery,
Bowen Qld

Operation Overlander

11/4/1969 – 15/4/1969

Lyall McPherson


23/4/1947 – 12/4/1969

Karrakatta Cemetery,
Karrakatta WA

Operation Reynella

8/5/1969 – 15/6/1969

Geoffrey Locke

2nd Lieutenant

14/10/1946 – 9/5/1969

Garden of Remembrance,
Launceston Tas

Robert Yule


28/1/1949 – 11/5/1969

Rookwood Cemetery,
Sydney NSW

Paul Reidy


14/8/1947 – 25/5/1969

White Hills Cemetery,
White Hills Vic

David Brennan


30/12/1946 – 6/6/1969

Garden of Remembrance,
Sydney NSW

Operation Matthew

29/6/1969 – 17/7/1969

Gordon Sorrensen


26/1/1945 – 30/6/1969

Gympie Cemetery,
Gympie Qld

Richard John Abraham

Lance Corporal

30/11/1946 – 6/7/1969

Whyalla Cemetery,

Whyalla SA

Bruno Adam Josef Adamczyk


27/7/1946 – 12/7/1969

Catholic Section,

Centennial Park, Adelaide SA

Beresford Edwards


13/1/1946 – 12/7/1969

St Marys Cemetery,
St Marys NSW

Operation Hat Dich

18/7/1969 – 31/7/1969

Raymond Kermode


15/12/1947 – 19/7/1969

Garden of Remembrance,
Brisbane Qld

Raymond Moore


26/10/1945 – 24/7/1969

Garden of Remembrance,
Melbourne Vic

Operation Neppabunna

18/8/1969 – 15/9/1969

Brian Rennie

Lance Corporal

9/4/1948 – 7/9/1969

Garden of Remembrance,
Melbourne Vic

Operation Jack

30/9/1969 – 31/10/1969

Kevin Prior


26/8/1947 – 2/10/1969

Rockhampton Crematorium,
Rockhampton Qld

John Holloway


10/11/1946 – 26/10/1969

Springvale Crematorium,
Springvale Vic

Bernd Binder


26/6/1948 – 27/10/1969

Wangaratta Cemetery,
Wangaratta Vic

  Martin Bink

Lance Corporal

10/7/1944 – 5/11/1969

Canberra Cemetery,
Canberra ACT

Robert Convery


9/12/1946 – 23/11/1969

Garden of Remembrance,
Melbourne Vic


You never lived to see
What you gave to me
One shining dream of hope and love
Life and Liberty
With a host of brave unknown soldiers
For your company, you will live forever
Here in our memory

In fields of sacrifice
Heroes paid the price
Young men who died for old men’s wars
Gone to paradise
We are all one great band of brothers
And one day you’ll see we can live together
When all the world is free

I wish you’d lived to see
All you gave to me
Your shining dream of hope and love
Life and liberty
We are all one great band of brothers
And one day you’ll see – we can live together
When all the world is free

Theme from “Band of Brothers”.  Words: Frank Musker, Music: Michael Kamen


Ecclesiastic’s 44

Let us now sing the praises of famous men.

All these won fame in their own generation and were the pride of their times.
There are some who have left a name behind them to be commemorated in story.
There are others, who are unremembered:
They are dead and it is though they had never existed,
as though they had never been born or left children to succeed them.
Not so our forefathers:
They were men of loyalty whose good deeds have never been forgotten.
Their prosperity is handed on to their descendants and their inheritance to future generations.
Their line will endure for all time and their fame will never be blotted out.
Their bodies are buried in peace and God’s people will sing their praises