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2017 50th Anniversary Reunion

From Bert & Alison Hoebee

You and your team did an excellent job in herding the Rams and their partners for a once in a lifetime 50th Anniversary Reunion.  While none of us are privy to all the detailed work you all did, the effectiveness of it was clearly evident in the way it all came together on the days of Reunion.

Well done all!!

From Bill & Maureen Bailey

G’day Bob, Your very well deserved promotion to Lancejack, has obviously not gone unnoticed.

Maureen and I would also tender our heartiest congratulations to you, Vicki and your team of helpers, for formulating the best ever reunion we have attended.

Enjoy your respite from the demands of diggers and convenors while you can. You will probably be asked to organise the next one wherever it may be!!!!!!!!

John (Bill) Bailey ex 6 Platoon and Maureen.

Ian & Jill Llewellyn

Ian and I would like to thank you and your Committee for all the wonderful organisation you all did for the Reunion last week. We enjoyed all the events, the get together at the Havelock Hotel, the Speakers at the Memorial Service and the Singers. The entertainment  at the Gala Dinner was first class as was the entire evening. The Lake Breeze Winery was perfect for the Picnic  and we loved the talented Band and wished they had a CD for sale. We along with many others agreed it was the very best 9 RAR Reunion we have ever attended so once again thank you.