From Doug McGrath

As I said on the phone, Bob, I would like you to convey to the committee my congratulations for the remarkable reunion you presented to mark our 50th anniversary.
I am in no doubt that our family members enjoyed the experience, most of all, being together to share friendships forged long ago.

To cram over 500 into the dinner took some doing but the Hilton staff are to be congratulated for their role also.
Schuey’s thought provoking musical journey through years of conflict was amazing and “I was only 19” brought the house down.
Peter’s speech in support of Col’s book was a highlight of the event as he connected so effortlessly with his family and old mates.
Our memorial march and service was given extra weight by the presence of such a string of dignitaries and in itself was memorable.

I thank you.

I have also received a letter from our patron asking me on behalf of Lynn and himself to thank and congratulate you and the committee in much the same tone as I have written.
They really enjoyed themselves. So many of their engagements are stiff, formal affairs. They love being able to relax and enjoy the events among so many friends.

So huge congratulations from the Patron and the Pres.

No doubt you are all pleased it is over.

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